Turbocharge structure, governance, and communication

The right structure is critical to Cloud adoption and acceleration. Building a Center of Excellence provides the tools to experiment with opportunities, define the route to Cloud adoption and establish new best practices, governance, and frameworks in real time.

Unlock future potential with strategic services

Strategic direction and focus are important when building a service catalog. Focusing on scalability and repeatability, in-line with a defined and targeted service strategy will unlock future growth.

Take new initiatives to market

A strategic Go-to-Market plan is fundamental in making the most of investments in growing Cloud solutions. Taking a strategic focus, Cloud businesses can make clear and defined plans that reduce time to market, increasing the chances of a successful product or service launch.

Grow business with co-innovation partners

A partner ecosystem enriches customer offerings, extends access to expertise and resources and generates opportunity for innovation. Cloud businesses can plan a strategic approach to partnerships that increases the breadth of solutions, builds traction, and stimulates revenue growth.

Power your innovation engine

Innovation is needed to stay ahead of the curve, it requires a proactive and structured approach. Cloud businesses can drive innovation internally by working through steps to implement or formalize a strategic-reflexive culture of innovation that delivers effective solutions, change and innovations.

Define and embed a strategy for growth

A clear business strategy is crucial to driving transformation and growth. By creating alignment across teams and setting the pace for Cloud activities. Cloud businesses need to articulate their strategy and act on a clear roadmap to success

Kickstart your Cloud initiative with laser focus

Answering the question “what do you want to be famous for?” gives Cloud teams a central focus for their acceleration and service development. Work to identify and articulate your “superpowers” as a Cloud solution provider – the specific, unique offering.

Prioritize solution-led Cloud sales

Cloud demands a solution-led, consultative sales approach to engage the customer in the outcomes and value they will receive from their Cloud services.