SyncOrg’s AWS Re:Invent Takeaway’s. Part 2

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SyncOrg’s AWS Re:Invent Takeaway’s. Part 2

The second part of our AWS:Reninvent takeaways focuses on announcements that our expert consultants believe our existing partners base should take note of.

Following AWS Re:invent there have been discussions on the updates but a few updates were talked about with more urgency internally. Below are some of the areas our consultant team believe our current partners would benefit from as they continue on their Partner Transformation journey.

Epic on AWS

The announcement of AWS delivering Epic database performance for healthcare will be of interest to some of our partners. Following the general availability of  EC M6i in August this further scalability for Epic makes it an important update for a number of the partners that we work with.

For our healthcare partners it is increasingly important to have this reliability of performance to allow for expansion. For example, one partner that provides AI solutions to support medical diagnostics will benefit from leveraging performance to allow faster analysis and to increase capacity with confidence. We will be speaking to current partners to ensure they are factoring this into the roadmaps we are supporting them in creating.

Think Big For Small Business Communities

The launch of Think Big for Small Business Communities is an update that piqued our interest. At SyncOrg we work with a range of partners of varying sizes and we across the globe. For our smaller partners we often discover a driver for them working with us is building their relationship with AWS, but as we work with them we uncover a need to connect better with the wider partner network. We can find ourselves helping other partners connect and therefore it is great to see AWS creating these dedicated communities.

Collaboration, sharing knowledge and building relationships is foundational to how we work with partners and what we help partners do within their own business. Extrapolating this out to these communities we know the power this will have for those partners that embrace this opportunity. Participation will be key for success as those partners that are engaged to learn and to share will see accelerated knowledge, faster progression through the program and we believe accelerated service creation.

Several of our consultants have highlighted partners we are engaged with that can benefit from this. We look forward to discussing this and seeing the outcomes.

New competency announcements

We discussed in our previous post the importance of competencies for a partners go-to-market (GTM) strategies. AWS Re:invent saw the announcement of new competencies that partners can leverage. Two of these stood out to some of our team as of interest to partners we are engaged with.

  • AWS Government Competency Enhancement

Throughout 2021 we have worked with several government partners including defence partners. Consultants managing these partners are keen to ensure that they are aware of this and we can support them in achieving this.

  • AWS Energy Competency

As this moves to global availability it opens new opportunities to a some of our partners. This announcement should spur partners to evaluate their current technical experience and customer engagement to add this to their 2022 roadmap. It may be that several current partners are already close to being able to apply for this. For those that are unsure SyncOrg can support them through the PTP to identify areas to focus on and help them build a plan to achieve this.

Leidos achieving AWS Public Sector Consulting Partner of the Year

We were very happy to see Leidos achieving the AWS Public Sector Consulting Partner of the Year. We worked with Leidos through 2021 to support them in achieving their goals with AWS. They joined the Partner Transformation Program earlier this year to help them build scalability into their Cloud practice. It’s exciting to see them gain this achievement with AWS and we look forward to continuing to work with them in 2022.


The massive uncertainty around COVID-19 has fixed some companies—and managers—in place, making them unable to react quickly to the changes affecting their business. But for others, it’s been a catalyst for change and an opportunity to gain new insights about their customers’ needs and to demonstrate their agility to adapt and grow.

One leader who has adopted the latter approach is Keith Choy, the head of the Asia–Pacific unit of GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) Consumer Healthcare group. Choy is encouraging his team of 6,000 people to consider the pandemic a call to action, a chance to double down on existing digitalization initiatives and strengthen end-to-end supply chains to even better respond to emerging consumption trends across the 23 Asia–Pacific markets the company serves. All while speeding up the cadence of the company.

In October, Choy spoke with McKinsey’s Kenneth Bonheure and David Schwartz to describe how GSK is responding to COVID-19, how the company is guided by its values, and what global companies can do to succeed in Asia during COVID-19 and beyond.

The Quarterly: Describe the business environment right now. What are you seeing? What are you focusing on?

In October, Choy spoke with McKinsey’s Kenneth Bonheure and David Schwartz to describe how GSK is responding to COVID-19, how the company is guided by its values, and what global companies can do to succeed in Asia during COVID-19 and beyond.

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