Refining Service Offerings for Migration Services.

Our partner is a born in the cloud MSP (Managed Service Provider) within the United States, who provide rapid execution of lift and shift data migrations and services for SME clients.  

They had set growth targets of increasing yearly revenue by 25% and knew that to do that they would have to make changes to their service portfolio and review their sales and marketing to reach new customers. Although they had set some milestone goals such as joining the AWS MSP program and achieving the AWS Premier Tier status, they did not have a clear roadmap to ensure these were met.  

To support them in their growth the partner took part took part in the AWS illuminate Partner Transformation Program (PTP) – Enhanced level. This program was led by a consulting team at SyncOrg who took the partner through a one-day workshop to assess their strengths and biggest areas of opportunity. This assessment highlighted that although they had great core services, they lacked a well-defined service strategy that would allow them to build out their service offering based on their strengths. With a 25% revenue growth target driving all activity it was going to be important to align good KPIs to this new service strategy so that the partner could spend time on the areas that were working best for them. Measurement was going to be especially important as they wanted to increase headcount and this would require clear measurement and repeatable processes. 

With good services and extensive AWS experience, the partner had a great story to tell customers however they had yet to formulate a value proposition or articulate a clear USP for new customers. Once confirmed they would need to build this into future sales and marketing activity. This activity was outsourced and a fresh marketing plan needed to be created to help bring them to their revenue target.  

Following the assessment SyncOrg created a tailored 100-day action plan for them and supported them in: 

  • Enhance Your Migration Services with AWS Best Practices   
  • Develop an AWS Product and Service Strategy   
  • Define an AWS Go-to-Market Strategy  
  • Establish a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE) 

Through participation in PTP, the partner expanded their services by launching a new Lite Well-Architected Review (WAR) service to target new customers. They began a telemarketing campaign and secured 4 new opportunities during the 100-day plan as a result of the new service focus and marketing plans.  

As well as this, the partner was able to begin the process of a developing a CCOE, creating a diverse team from all aspects of the organization to optimize their cloud processes and support the internal team’s knowledge sharing. From this, they have a streamlined plan to achieve the Premier APN tier.