Think|Stack – Rediscovering The Value In Values

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Think|Stack – Rediscovering The Value In Values

Think|Stack are an innovative cyber security and cloud company that have resolve to live and breather their core values of  Human Centred Design, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Passionate Rebels and Family Trust. This sets them apart as creative thinkers, briming with potential.

But how can they release that exciting potential?  How do they develop greater open communication, break down silos and define a collective vision?

The Think|Stack team took inspiration from PTP to go back to basics, to ask themselves about what they do, and ask customers why they do business with them.  They workshopped where to devote time and energy regarding product development and market penetration.  And most significantly, they developed a core Center of Excellence to provide the vision and optimised structure for success.

Think|Stack recognized immediately that those who invest the most energy in PTP see that reflected back in greater success.  They emerged energised with passion and purpose, having achieved dramatic results, and firmly put themselves on the radar with customer, and AWS, without every physically getting round a table together.


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