Maximus – Tapping Into Existing Potential To Elevate Their Partner Maturity

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Maximus – Tapping Into Existing Potential To Elevate Their Partner Maturity

Interview with Simon Szykman – Senior Vice President for Client Growth at Maximus

Attain, now Maximus, is a leading management, technology, and strategy consulting firm powered by automation and comprised of innovative problem solvers. They were already working closely with AWS on innovative projects involving artificial intelligence and machine learning, but wanted to elevate their partner maturity and drive further growth with AWS. This led them to participating in the AWS Partner Transformation Program (PTP) with SyncOrg.

As a result of their participation in the PTP, Maximus was able to develop a strong go-to-market (GTM) strategy, advance their marketing by developing new collateral, and solidify a clear service roadmap. The program allowed them to map out the capabilities needed to advance their customer base, gain accreditations based on existing skillsets, and ultimately to reach the Advanced tier in the APN.  

“What the partner transformation program really does is it brings you a very structured framework. It guides you toward identifying priorities, synthesising them into a plan, and then creating structure around what can be done within 100 days. The process was very beneficial and if we had tried to do this on our own, without having all the experience and know how I don’t think we could have accomplished the same.”

Simon Szykman 

Senior Vice President for Client Growth 


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