SyncOrg’ AWS Re:Invent Takeaways – Part 1

With lots announced over the past few days we are sharing some of our initial takeaways of what some announcements and key topics mean for our partners.

AWS Partner Paths

A key update getting a lot of buzz is of course the new Partner Paths. Having worked with hundreds of AWS partners we are excited by the new opportunities that these paths provide. A key benefit of the Partner Transformation Program (PTP) is helping partners to navigate the many ways to work with AWS ,and therefore we know that the further opportunities these partner paths provide will be welcome news. The PTP will continue to support partners craft the right route forward and we see this program being a key step for partners maximizing the new world of partner paths.

At SyncOrg we are always reviewing ways to evolve and advance our offerings and with the launch of the ISV Partner Path (now the Software Partner Path) we had launched a dedicated PTP for ISV’s earlier this year. We have already seen good success with this program and the expansion of this partner journey further solidifies the need for this program. We will be looking at how we continue to best support partners in this space in 2022 and beyond.

Focus on business transformation

The focus on business transformation following on from digital transformation was a key point in the partner keynote. It is not enough to look at just helping customers to modernize their technology, but partners should be focusing on how to support full business transformation and helping improve customer experience. This point resonates with us at SyncOrg as we support partners in developing their AWS business strategies and building their service roadmap. Understanding their customers wider business, and their needs will help partners develop better services and make better products.

Doug Yeum talked about businesses using technology to help transform experience using conversational AI experiences and the use beyond customer services. Partners should be reviewing ways to help wider business problems to stand out and develop longer term customer relationships. He led a call to all to focus on business transformation for all customers and we can’t wait to help more partners understand and build a plan to focus on this.

Use competencies to differentiate

Another key takeaway from the partner keynote was Sandy Carter’s focus on the need for partners to differentiate themselves. Every week in our PTP workshops we talk to partners about this and ensuring they both understand and highlight their superpowers.

A way for partners to do this through the competency program. With the announcement of the AWS Energy Competency is a great way for partners to stand out and work on greener options. Competencies is a key area we help partners get set up to achieve faster through PTP. We help partners identify the right areas to focus on to make sure they are achieving these.

Drive for sustainability

Along with additional competencies we heard in a few places the drive for sustainability. Stephen Orban highlighted the work partner are doing in investing in understanding their environmental impact through data exchanges. Sandy Carter reinforced this as a key way that customers are searching for partners that are committed to low carbon energy emissions. Businesses around the world are reviewing how they can improve their environmental impact and our partners should be considering this as well.

Re:invent has been a great opportunity to hear from AWS but also get back to meeting our partners in person. We have come back energized and looking at how we continue to evolve to best support partners. Stay tuned for more takeaways and thoughts from SyncOrg.