Executing Cloud Vision Across All Departments

This public sector partner had strong client relationships, talented technical staff, resources and have steadily been building cloud services within AWS. Their customers and the market environment in which they operate have changed, and the partner had to work on how to approach new markets, develop new customer segments, and retain their existing clients.  

With a strong service portfolio and a high volume of customer demands, they participated in the Partner Transformation Program (PTP) led by SyncOrg to leverage AWS in an efficient way by automating their Cloud tools and creating a repeatable, security-compliant set of frameworks. During the 100-day program they concentrated on creating a structured and secure framework, as well as a well-defined Go-To-Market strategy.  

As a result of PTP, the partner built a strong and repeatable catalog of services with AWS, which helped to enhance their “superpowers” and focus on expanding into new markets. By defining their strengths and processes within the cloud, they aligned with the rest of the teams to ensure all the goals were achieved and a clear Cloud vision had been established. 

By creating a strong GTM and service strategy, they are now able to adapt to any market changes and meet their customers’ demands, as well as to ensure their existing customers are provided with the best solutions. The partner has become more aligned with stakeholders and customers and they identified where AWS specifically sits in their service offerings. This allowed them to plan a successful and innovative path for future deals and investments with AWS globally. 

”The PTP really helped everyone better understand who we want to be and what we want to be internally and towards the market. We appreciate the SyncOrg feedback & perspective – challenging questions to address certain aspects of the business. Efforts with SyncOrg provided greater clarity on our business strategy and better focus on our offerings and value proposition.” 

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