Developing Your Cloud Center Of Excellence And Its Benefits

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Developing Your Cloud Center Of Excellence And Its Benefits

Whether Cloud offerings are new to your business or you are born in the cloud and focused on innovation a common issue that arises is a lack of unified governance. This can cause silos with developing new services and less developed communication between internal teams.  

Because of this, developing a cloud center of excellence (CCOE) is essential for partners to help define their goals in the cloud space.  CCOE should be used as an opportunity to get the whole organization bought into the cloud vision and understand where this fits as part of a wider business offering. This is through having a unified approach to the cloud throughout all aspects of the organization. This article aims to discuss what is CCOE, its benefits, and tips on implementing it into your organization’s practices.   

What is Cloud Center of Excellence  

Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE) can best be described as a unified source of governance between all aspects of the business regarding cloud practices. This is done through the creation of a small team, taking in talent from all aspects of the business to help in the onboarding of cloud practices throughout the business. This team will also oversee that knowledge of best practices and cloud progression is aligned with long-term goals of business goals. 

The creation of a CCOE is essential for any organization adopting the cloud, as it assists in the smooth transition from previous and more traditional business processes. Many organizations struggle with this aspect, especially if they have had success with these processes in the past. 

Benefits of CCOE  

There are several benefits to developing a CCOE within your organization. These include:   

Strategic planning   

CCOE allows for organizations to develop long-term strategic plans with the cloud, streamlining processes to allow for more time to be spent developing best-in-industry products and services.   

Team development  

CCOE is an effective way to develop internal teams, due to the centralized nature of the program, knowledge, and ideas can be shared through the organization smoothly without barriers to miscommunication. This in-tern brings enthusiasm to implementing the cloud and the development of cutting-edge technology and processes.   

Structure for innovation   

Innovation is a driving force for business, developing it within your organization is essential to keep at the forefront of your industry. The correct implementation of CCOE brings a structure in which new technologies and innovative solutions to customer problems can be developed to generate new services and streamline existing ones.   

Key points for developing a CCOE  

When developing a successful CCOE, there are key aspects that could be considered to help it builds and onboarded correctly, these are:   

Diversity in business operations  

Inclusion of all aspects of the business is an important aspect of developing a CCOE, all teams members should have a say in the planning and implementation of the cloud. This assists in promoting communication, change, and knowledge throughout the organization effectively whilst also ensuring a robust understanding of the business’s needs is established.   

Find your champions  

Enthusiasm is a valued trait when developing a CCOE, because of this, finding your cloud champions is an effective way to see its progression. When developing a center of excellence team, ensure that it is a voluntary position and not mandatory due to the large nature of the task, it is key to choose team members who truly care about the cloud and its development. Because of this, allow flexibility with other workloads to accommodate this so that the worker’s resources are not spread too thin.  

Give time for development.   

Empowering staff is the driver for any business’s growth, this is the same for developing cloud processes.  Allow adequate time for training and development of new services. Experimentation is a way to test the market and find valuable opportunities to take with your organization. It also helps in the growth of more robust data-driven strategies. 

A Cloud Center of Excellence is a valuable asset within any cloud organization to help with the unified governance and development of cloud-based processes. However, it is important to bear in mind that a proactive mindset is needed that allows internal resources and enthusiasm to go into its development. If this is done correctly a framework can be built that allows for long-term scalability of the organization within the cloud space.   


The massive uncertainty around COVID-19 has fixed some companies—and managers—in place, making them unable to react quickly to the changes affecting their business. But for others, it’s been a catalyst for change and an opportunity to gain new insights about their customers’ needs and to demonstrate their agility to adapt and grow.

One leader who has adopted the latter approach is Keith Choy, the head of the Asia–Pacific unit of GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) Consumer Healthcare group. Choy is encouraging his team of 6,000 people to consider the pandemic a call to action, a chance to double down on existing digitalization initiatives and strengthen end-to-end supply chains to even better respond to emerging consumption trends across the 23 Asia–Pacific markets the company serves. All while speeding up the cadence of the company.

In October, Choy spoke with McKinsey’s Kenneth Bonheure and David Schwartz to describe how GSK is responding to COVID-19, how the company is guided by its values, and what global companies can do to succeed in Asia during COVID-19 and beyond.

The Quarterly: Describe the business environment right now. What are you seeing? What are you focusing on?

In October, Choy spoke with McKinsey’s Kenneth Bonheure and David Schwartz to describe how GSK is responding to COVID-19, how the company is guided by its values, and what global companies can do to succeed in Asia during COVID-19 and beyond.

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