Defining Clear Frameworks To Create A Strong Position In The AWS Marketplace

The group provides innovative cybersecurity services to Federal government. The company brings together its best resources, strong client relationships, talented technical staff, and strong sense of values in a new way. They are 100% focused on Public Sector and handles a lot of sensitive data, it was critical to find a niche set of offerings that would allow their customers to use Cloud services securely.  

With a strong service portfolio and a high volume of customer demands, they participated in a Partner Transformation Program (PTP) led by SyncOrg to leverage AWS in an efficient way by automating their Cloud tools and creating a repeatable, security-compliant set of frameworks. They needed to concentrate on creating a structured and secure framework, as well as a well-defined Go-To-Market strategy and maximizing their AWS service offerings. These were critical steps for the company to grow and advance with AWS. 

Their participation in PTP enabled them to define these clear frameworks and establish a strong GTM strategy with AWS. This allowed them to prioritize future investments in designing and building AWS services.  

As a result of PTP, the partner has become more aligned with stakeholders and customers, allowing it to plan a successful and innovative path for future deals and investments with AWS globally. 

‘’The AWS PTP program was incredibly productive for the team. As a very small business, many of our project teams are disconnected and do not come together for strategic planning sessions like this often enough. We sincerely appreciate your support in crafting our vision. 

Furthermore, the value derived via the PTP program was orders of magnitude higher than the investment that was made in the cost of the program and non-billable hours involved in the team’s participation.’’