AWS Partner Transformation Program (PTP)

Accelerate your AWS business growth. The AWS Partner Transformation Program (PTP) helps you transform and develop your AWS business for success, maximize revenue opportunities and extend market reach.

What is PTP?

The AWS Partner Transformation Program (PTP) is an innovative, assessment and implementation service to help you accelerate business growth and revenue with AWS.
We assess your current state cloud and AWS activities to identity areas of highest opportunity, develop an actionable plan and support you to ensure you meet your business goals.

  • Ensure your business can meet future state goals
  • Unlock your ability for long-term commercial success with AWS
  • Develop your AWS relationship

We support AWS partners at all stage’s of your transformation journey. We offer two levels PTP Hybrid and PTP Consultant Led.

PTP Hybrid

PTP Hybrid is a is a focused program that kickstarts your business acceleration with AWS. 

The program is designed to help you get the most out of your AWS business and partnership.  PTP Hybrid is suited to partners ready to accelerate with AWS and see real, transformative change. 

PTP Hybrid helps your business by:

• Clarifying and embedding your strategy and goals for business with AWS
• Defining your AWS niche or superpower and place in the Cloud market
• Accelerating your time to market with new AWS initiatives
• Enhancing your AWS partnership and relationship

What’s involved with PTP Hybrid

One-day workshop

The PTP Hybrid workshop will assess and validate core areas of your AWS business. It will help build clear consensus around how you will grow as an AWS partner

Tailored, self-guided 100-day transformation plan.

This plan is focused on delivering your strategy and vision. We provide a clear breakdown of everything you need to do to achieve your goals

Support from our expert consultants

Five consultative checkpoints to support and guide you through your AWS transformation journey.

PTP Consultant Led

PTP Consultant-led takes an in-depth look at how you operate and helps you to evolve your business to be a cloud pioneer today and for the future. Leverage the business case for AWS transformation and build on the success of your current AWS or cloud business with PTP Consultant-led.

This innovative, intensive program of transformation supports high-potential partners to advance their AWS business and become leaders in the market.

PTP Consultant-led helps your business by:

• Empowering you for long-term commercial success with AWS
• Cementing your place in the Cloud market and expanding your offering
• Enhancing capabilities, enriching customer engagements and driving efficiencies
• Enabling you to heighten your reputation for thought leadership with Cloud technologies
• Unlocking scalability and future potential in your AWS practice

What does PTP Consultant-led involve?

Two and a half day tailored workshop

This in-depth workshop will uncover your current state capabilities and define your next steps with AWS.

Detailed reports to drive action.

You will receive a detailed gap analysis report that will provide all lines of the business with a compelling view of the the entire Cloud practice. We will also provide a personalized recommendations report with prioritized goals.

Comprehensive 100-day plan with support

Along with this action plan you will be provided with supporting toolkits to provide a streamlined view of what needs to be done. You will also get support throughout your transformation with guidance and regular consultative support throughout your 100-day plan