Adopting Cloud-First Approach To Modernize Current Frameworks

This partner wanted to build their AWS practice into the leading entity in the African and Middle East markets. They wanted to become a cloud-first organization, so they had to change their business model and modernize their processes and tools in order to achieve long-term growth. 

Through their marketing channels and activities, Altron hoped to launch new products and services as well as generate more customer leads. One of the challenges was figuring out how to carry out a well-defined strategy in order to fill a market gap and build a strong GTM.  

They took part in the AWS Partner Transformation Program (PTP) to gain better structure around their internal processes, enhance their skills with AWS and maximize their ‘superpowers’ to scale sustainably. Through the PTP SyncOrg helped the partner to identify their strengths and use existing skills to define a better position in the market and secure future deals with AWS.  

By completing PTP, they have now adopted a cloud-first approach and modernized their framework and processes to deliver cloud solutions to their customers. They have completed AWS training and aligned their architecture internally to ensure its scalability in the future. 

They have built a strong GTM and service strategy that has helped them to launch new products and focus on customer led delivery. The partner has completed multiple projects in which they successfully migrated customer workloads to AWS. They have continued their training with AWS and as a result of new processes and certifications achieved have progressed to become an Advanced partner.