Accelerating AWS Cloud Transformation By Defining A Clear Service Offering

The AWS partner expanded its cyber security leadership via an acquisition in 2018. It now has one of the best Scandinavian offensive security, detection, and incident response teams. The partner’s vision was to become a leader in the field of Cloud security and to evolve its partnership with AWS further by creating their first service dedicated to AWS for its current customers.  

The Partner Transformation Program (PTP) led them to successfully develop a clear roadmap and service strategy, allowing them to generate new leads and focus on creating more projects within the AWS network. This enabled them to show leadership in the market and enhance their Cloud Security capabilities further. Since completion of the PTP, they have focused on expanding their AWS service offerings and staying innovative within the company. 

This PTP program is a very impactful program on partners, as it’s a real enabler to help step up our skills and our maturity with AWS.’’ 

Vice President Principal